36 Hours To Go: Cue Thelma and Louise

Magician Rabbit Hat

In early December, we met Snollygoster, the rabbit who has devoted his career to being a prop for spotlight seeking politicians. (http://www.libertypell.com/?p=2095)  Snolly allows himself to be placed into a hat so that he can be removed at the last possible instant when the easy answer to an allegedly intractable problem is finally revealed.

Snollygoster re-entered the hat for this engagement in August 2011 when the fiscal cliff was intentionally created. He has been there more or less ever since, though OSHA regulations require that he be let out for R&R from time to time. As he prepares for the final few days of the current charade, he has kindly agreed to another interview.

libertyPell(lP) – Welcome back Snolly, how are you doing inside the hat?

Snollygoster (Snolly) – Thanks lP, it is pretty much the same as it has always been for my family and me. As you know, we Snollygosters (named for people, especially politicians, who are guided by personal advantage rather than principle) have been at this for generations.

lP – What has changed during that time?

Snolly – Damn little really. Politicians, who pretend to “fight for you” or to care about their responsibilities are a well-worn theme. They don’t change it very much. The biggest change for me is the iPad, which I can now take into the hat with me so I can stay up to date on developments.

lP—With all that time checking your iPad, you must be very current on  the fiscal cliff negotiations. What have you seen?

Snolly – Well, it is really quite amazing how similar politicians are throughout the world. Take the Arab Spring for example. That entire thing across all those countries can be boiled down to a single question: “which small group of people gets to steal how much from which larger group of people.”

Here in Washington, the Republicans have pretty much the same role as the Sunnis (though they are not in the majority) and the Democrats are playing the Shiites. The Tea Party is pretty much the same as the ultra-conservative Wahhabis and the far left is kind of like the mystical Sufis, who believe that  love shines through everything, even ugliness and evil.

lP – Are there any other examples?

Snolly – Well, I am learning quite a bit about China these days. It seems that their politicians have really taken theft to whole new levels. I would not be surprised if the next Congressional boondoggles headed that direction to see what they can learn.

lP – Any tips for our readers in the 36 hours that remain until our country does the Thelma and Louise thing?

Snolly – Sure, as I say nothing changes much in these routines.

  • Don’t bother with the Sunday news shows. The TV networks are just giving the politicians a forum to trot out their talking points.
  • Don’t read any story that shows a picture of politicians walking. If they are walking, they are not working. At their age, they are probably going to the bathroom.
  • Don’t waste any time listening to politicians standing at podiums with lots of microphones. They have nothing to say and they are not doing the work anyway. The staffers are.

lP – Thank you Snolly. Are you going to make it through the next 36 hours?

Snolly – No problem, I have my iPad and plenty of water.


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