Haven Pell

Haven Pell is both the Chief Everything Officer of LibertyPell and the Pundificator. These are the 6.0 and 6.1 versions of a former Navy officer, lawyer, investment banker, foundation director and financial advisor. Unusual accomplishment: Haven built one of 45 court tennis courts in the world and the first in the United States in nearly eight decades.

Educated at Le Rosey, St. Paul’s, Harvard and Fordham Law School, Haven’s careers focused on advice-giving and problem-solving.

Seven years into retirement, the problems are bigger but the solutions are fewer; the advice is given but rarely taken. Thinking critically is its own reward.

Married, father of three, grandfather of four, long-time Washington resident, political spectator, sports participant — skiing, cycling, golf, hockey and court tennis.


This superb Media Bias Chart was created by Vanessa Otero, Founder of Ad Fontes Media, and is used with her permission. Thank you Vanessa.

Where would you find LibertyPell?

On the horizontal axis, LibertyPell skews conservative on governance and policy (especially financial matters and empowering people to look after themselves) and skews liberal — libertarian even — on individual rights (social issues). All else is apolitical or neutral. Sadly, there is no category for anti-stupid. On the vertical axis, LibertyPell is in the yellow rectangle, which encompasses complex analysis, analysis, opinion and fair persuasion. Original fact reporting and fact reporting (other than personal anecdotes) are beyond the capabilities of the Chief Everything Officer. The yellow rectangle is described as “Fair Interpretations of the News.” Look for LibertyPell stories in the lower half of the gray circle. There, it would join The Economist, the exemplar of the classical liberal.


Why are we here?

The Wrong 1%: LibertyPell was born about the time Occupy Wall Street set up camp in New York City. The protests against greed-driven financial excess focused on the sins of the Top 1% and ultimately spread throughout the country.Though Wall Street was far from blameless in the 2008 financial meltdown, Occupy Wall Street might have found more reason for protest on K Street in Washington, the traditional home of the country’s most powerful lobbyists.

LibertyPell has focused on the business of K Street, a business that requires fighting or pretending to fight so long as the combatants are paid to do so. It is Washington’s leading industry. The K Streeter’s worst enemy is his best friend because, without him, the K Streeter is out of business. K Street is also the epicenter of the getting elected industry, a significant reason the political middle has vanished in favor of the hard left and hard right.

Recently, there has been much teeth gnashing about Russian efforts to destroy “our democracy” (words always said in hushed and reverential tones) but the Russians could hardly do more damage to “our democracy” than the Democratic and Republican parties.

Why Are We Not Here?

“The moment I seek to be worthy, I cease to be useful.” — Michael Lewis

LibertyPell is for those who would like to hate Washington better and who might not feel guilty about some high-end schadenfreude or the delightful sound of adhesive tape being ripped off.

The Pundificator

Even LibertyPell gets disgusted by politics.

When that happens, the world’s best and only Pundificator (#1 in your Google search rankings seven straight years) steps in and writes or talks about almost anything other the K Street— usually something just as silly — but at least something else.