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Okay, here we go. Why are we here?

The Wrong 1%

LibertyPell was born about the time Occupy Wall Street set up camp in New York City. The protests against greed-driven financial excess focused on the sins of the Top 1% and ultimately spread throughout the country.

Though Wall Street was far from blameless in the 2008 financial meltdown, Occupy Wall Street might have found more reason for protest on K Street in Washington, the traditional home of the country’s most powerful lobbyists.

I did, hence so did LibertyPell, then a words and pictures blog that focused on the business of K Street, a business that requires fighting or pretending to fight so long as the combatants are paid to do so. It is Washington’s leading industry.

The K Streeter’s worst enemy is his best friend because, without him, the K Streeter is out of business. Is it any wonder that the political middle has vanished in favor of the hard left and hard right?

Recently, there has been much teeth gnashing about Russian efforts to destroy “our democracy” (words always said in hushed and reverential tones) but the Russians could hardly do more damage to “our democracy” than the Democratic and Republican parties.

What to Do?

If those who identified as “fed up” simply voted as a block, they would never lose an election.

Hating politics is easy; ignoring it is harder. Having an impact is harder still, but doing nothing has unpleasant consequences.

LibertyPell is for those who would like to hate Washington better and who might not feel guilty about some high-end schadenfreude or the delightful sound of adhesive tape being ripped off.

The Pundificator

Even LibertyPell gets disgusted by the shenanigans in Washington.

When that happens, the world’s best and only Pundificator (#1 in your Google search rankings six straight years) steps in and writes or talks about almost anything other the K Street— usually something just as silly — but at least something else.

Haven Pell is the Chief Everything Officer of LibertyPell. Shhhhh… don’t tell he is also the Pundificator. LibertyPell and the Pundificator are the 6.0 and 6.1 versions of a former Navy officer, lawyer, investment banker, foundation director and financial advisor.